4 Things People Often Regret When They’re Older

You”ve probably appreciated this blog”s efforts to bring you trendy and entertaining information that ranges from fashion to finance, but now it”s time to bring you a message from your future. There are few things you should do now, before you get any older.

Here are the top four things you”re likely to regret that you didn”t do, if you don”t get to them now while you”re young.

Not taking the trouble to travel a little, then a little more, then even more

Travel your heart out when you”re young. It seems expensive, but you”ll find that there are all kinds of ways to pull it off without having to save up a lot of dough in advance, from teaching English abroad to picking up jobs in the towns you visit. It”s often cheaper to rent an apartment for a month, than to stay in a hotel for a week.

In that sense, living in several different places is the cheapest way to experience a variety of cultures in distant lands.


Don”t do it. If you do it now, quit. This is an obvious one due to the incredible array of unhealthy toxins involved, and yet for some unknown reason, many young people continue to pick up the habit of smoking.


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Allowing bad diets and addictions to consume your younger years

Whether it”s an addiction to sugar or a propensity for weekend binge drinking, the damage you do to your body in your younger years probably won”t be visible until you”re older. But it might make you a statistic in the current epidemic of type-two diabetes, or obesity. Take care of yourself as early in life as possible!

Neglecting to lock in your good health for the long haul … in an insurance policy

I know it”s difficult for hardy young souls to believe, but your health may not always be as good as it is right now. Maybe you do sense the truth of this, but did you know there are ways to get the benefits of your current health later in life, when you”re not as healthy?

Take life insurance, for instance. It”s not as boring and morbid a topic as it might sound. Life insurance can actually serve all kinds of purposes, from mortgage collateral to a rainy-day loan fund.

And of course, if you happen to pass away, a substantial benefit gets paid to the recipients of your choice. Get a policy while you”re young, and you”ll lock in the best rates forever, on most types of level life insurance policy. Compare the market to find the cheapest rates, and you”re set.

If you need the coverage later but it”s far more costly because your health has taken a turn for the worse, you”ll definitely regret not locking in some coverage in your younger years!

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