5 Backup Strategies for Your Data Files

There are numerous potential threats to your data: accidental computer damage, natural disasters, theft, hardware errors, viruses, and software glitches.

Companies must be diligent about backing up their information in secure ways, to protect data about their clients and functions. Many organizations will back up their information using multiple methods, so that if one system fails, another can save the day.

Here are five data backup strategies you should consider for your personal and professional data.

Cloud storage

Many companies enjoy the ease of cloud storage, since it reduces the hardware issues for your office. If your data is stored off-site with a cloud service, then you don”t have to worry about in-house backup equipment getting damaged or stolen.

However, you should do extensive research to make sure a cloud solution will properly fit your needs. Since you”re using third-party support, you will need to pay a subscription and adhere to their rules. Also many cloud services don”t have the IT customization flexibility of other storage solutions.


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External hard drives

Consumer-grade external hard drives will work in a pinch if you need to back up your computer”s data. Most operating systems come with a built-in backup feature: they”ll grab all your current information and store it on an external hard drive.

However, these backups are generally meant for individual computers and can be quite time-consuming, especially if you are backing up information with USB or Wi-Fi.


Network Attached Storage systems allow companies to back up groups of computers quickly. Like external hard drives, you will need to maintain hardware on-site, but NAS will give you and your IT department ultimate control over your backups.

An NAS can also double as a web server, which grants your employees access to important files online.


Redundancy is key when it comes to describing what a RAID system can do for your firm. It”s a great supplement to your current hardware backup system.

A RAID will write your information across multiple hard drives, and a computer will recognize a RAID system as one large, powerful drive. RAIDs write data much faster than a traditional hard drive, which makes them ideal for backing up large media files.

VPS backup software

Many offices rely on virtual machines to complete rigorous tasks. When using VPS, you need to make sure your projects and files are backed up.

Your IT department can use VPS backup software to make copies of data and manage files for large groups.


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