Are You Living in South Africa and Selling Your Audi A4? 5 Tips to Consider

Selling your Audi A4 is a big move. Before you decide to stick a for-sale sign on the dash and hope that someone at the local supermarket sees your car, loves it, and buys your Audi for the full asking price, make sure the car is worth wanting and paying for.

Here are five simple tips.

Focus on the interior

While you might not have an objection to a few candy-bar wrappers or empty water bottles under the seat, someone else might. When buyers see the interior of your car dirty and cluttered, their first thought is going to be that if you can”t take care of your vehicle”s interior, you probably didn”t take care of the rest of it, either.

Wash it

Nothing makes a car look newer and more attractive than getting washed. All you need to do is clean the dirt and dust off, shine the rims and wheels, and make sure it”s waxed and polished to the point that the vehicle sparkles. It can make a big difference in the way buyers look at at.


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Details matter

Don”t forget the details. Picking up the trash from the floorboards and inside the console is one thing, but detailing the interior is another. You want to ensure that your A4 sparkles inside and out.

Vacuum the floors and the crevices of the seats, wash the dash and leather, and make sure the door trim and trunk trim are clean, too.

Do your research

The biggest mistake you can make when selling your Audi is not knowing what it”s really worth. You need to take into consideration the year of the car, the mileage on the car, how many owners it has had, how many accidents the vehicle has been involved in, the overall condition of the vehicle and how well the car has been maintained.

This will help you value your vehicle appropriately.

Know where to sell

The final tip for selling your Audi A4 in South Africa is knowing where to list your car. Sure, a for-sale sign in the window might attract an offer or two, but it doesn”t always do the trick.

You need to know where to list your car for sale so that hundreds of thousands of South African residents will see your listing when they”re searching for their dream car. A great place to list is with Brick 7.

Every detail matters when it comes to selling your car. People who are looking for an Audi want a high-end vehicle that”s been well maintained. Make sure your Audi looks the part before you list it for sale.



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