How to Stop Baby Gas Pain in 10 Minutes

Baby gas pain isn”t any fun. It”s not fun for your baby and it”s not fun for you.

When your baby suffers from gas pain, he or she is miserable. When your little one”s miserable, the behavior reflects that. When an infant”s behavior is off kilter, your entire day could go downhill. A fussy baby is a sure-fire way to cause stress in your life.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can relieve your baby”s stress in just a few minutes” time.

Massage baby”s tummy

It takes only a few minutes to calm your baby and relieve gas pains when you take the time to massage the tummy. When your baby starts to wiggle and fuss due to gas pains, apply gentle pressure with a few fingers to the little one”s abdomen and press down.

Continue to do this all over the stomach for a few minutes until your infant is able to expel the gas and feel relief from the pain. The baby will feel better in less than 10 minutes.


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Burp your baby

Gas pains can start in the middle of feeding. If you want to prevent your baby”s gas pains from becoming worse than they already are, pause to burp your child every five minutes during the feeding process. This will help you relieve the discomfort in only a matter of minutes.

Give your baby gripe water

Gripe water is an all-natural, over-the-counter relief for gas pains. Your baby will feel better in a few minutes once he or she has a little gripe water to help break up the gas. You”ll notice that within minutes of being given gripe water, your son or daughter will calm down and stop fussing.

Push baby”s legs

Sometimes all you have to do to relieve your little one of gas pains is to pump those tiny legs back and forth while your baby lies on his or her back. It helps an infant to expel the air that”s causing the gas and feel better in an instant. It should take you only a few minutes to do this.

Gas relief

When it comes to finding gas relief for your baby, natural and quality remedies are the best. Once you learn what those are and how to use them, you”ll be able to cure your baby of gas in no time at all. Education is the best defense against discomfort.

Your baby”s gas pains don”t have to ruin everyone”s day. All you need is a few minutes at a time and you can help relieve your child of discomfort and pain. You”ll both feel relieved and happy once those gas pains have dissipated.



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