Top 6 Precepts To Make Your Blogs Thriving

There is no end to learning, humans can learn and learn and become experts in their lives, professions and whatever they like. Same is the case of blogging if you are a blogger. Whether you are a master in writing still there is so much which you can add to your knowledge. If you are a starter or in the middle stage then there are unlimited things which you can learn about blogging. Here are top six precepts which will definitely add to your blogs.

1. Show great affection with SEO

Every blogger wants to achieve more and more traffic to their blogs. You can only achieve this by making Google happy. To make Google happy you will have to love SEO. This will index your each post and will lead to traffic. SEO might be daunting but not impossible. SEO is the key to blogging success.


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2. Make your blogs look great

It is important that your blogs should look great. There are many blogs which just end in the middle because of their not so attractive looks. To gain attention you will have to beautify your blogs. There are unlimited themes, pictures, templates, videos which you can use and give your blog a complete makeover. Both premium and free themes are available which is great.

3. Keep an eye on everything

To track everything is not just need, but must. There are tools like Google analytics by which you can easily get reports. Understand the traffic reaching your blogs, find out which post is being appreciated, and track your sales and leads. In simple words be active as without this vital information to your blog will be a human without a soul.

4. Use social media sensibly

Social media can raise your blog and sometimes with wrong use can make it fall down. Thus the 4th precept teaches you to use social media wisely. Social media is the best marketing tool and you have to make sure that you are spending your time wisely. Use social media for short and meaningful conversations. Your product your writing is the first thing on which you will have to work first.

5. Sell something

You cannot earn with simple blogs so find a product or develop your own and write about it. Sell something if you are not having your own then you can write blogs for some other products. This will help you in earning money. If you are thinking of a business with blogging than simply sell products and gain customers from blogging.

6. Write every day

Words are everything in blogging. The more you write, the more you get popularity. There is no harm in writing each day. If you know how to use your words, then you are in the business right away. The only way to master writing is to keep on writing. Set your schedule and add writing hours in it.

These are the six precepts that will help you in making your blogs successful and will also improve your writing skills. Your blog is a powerful tool and taking it in a right way is your responsibility.


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